Specialist bakery for sandwich
manufacturers and food service customers

Heathrow Bakery was founded in 1991 at its present site in Iver, Buckinghamshire. During 2007 a substantial investment was made to both the fabric of the factory and in the acquisition of new plant and equipment.

The BRC Accredited 28,000 sq ft bakery is designed and equipped to be dynamic and flexible to suit our Customers' needs. We have drawn upon the bread-making and confectionary skills of some of the finest bakers in the UK. The newly equipped bakery and our highly talented artisan bakers offer our customers an unparalleled combination of efficiency and handcrafted product. This is reflected in our high-quality and innovative product range.

As its name implies, Heathrow Bakery sits in the hub of Airline Catering but it is also recognised as the foremost specialist bakery for Sandwich Manufacturers and Food Service Customers.