Why Heathrow Bakery?

Our commitment to you:

  • Value, consistency, customer service, quality and of course taste.
  • Quality products ranging from traditional recipes to new speciality breads and sweet and savoury laminated products.
  • Individual breads and pastries developed or made to your own specifications, setting you apart from your competitors.
  • Product development in the forefront of innovation, helping to satisfy the ever changing demands of Airline Caterers, Sandwich Manufacturers and the Retail Market.
  • Fresh products made just for you. Whatever your order, you can rest assured it will be made by our bakers to your exact requirements.
  • Personalised service from our team of experienced staff.
  • Handcrafted goods slow developed for authentic flavour.
  • State of the art provers and ovens that ensure consistent quality.
  • Modern delivery vehicles that ensure careful handling and prompt deliveries nationwide. We own the vehicles meaning that we control each step of the supply chain.
  • Heathrow Bakery is a nut-free site.