Laminated Products

Heathrow Bakery has a long tradition of producing hand-finished croissants, pain-au-chocolat, pain-au-raisin and Danish pastries. Our recipes use only the best quality French flour and butter, which ensures a rich and luxurious flavour. The process of laminating the butter into the dough to create the many layers is carried out 24 hours before the dough is ready to be used, thus producing maximum flavour and quality.

We only use the best topping ingredients for our Danish pastries to ensure the highest eating quality.

Our speciality is to produce croissants ranging from 15g to 120g straight or crescent shaped, according to your needs.

We also produce laminated products using quality vegetable pastry margarine for those customers who require dairy-free goods.

All these products can be individually wrapped or bulk packed to suit your needs.

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